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Attorney & Certified Public Accountant


Attorney & Certified Public Accountant

Taxation Law
Estate Planning
Real Estate Law
Business Strategies

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We help clients build, preserve and pass on their wealth through tax, estate planning, real estate and business strategies.

Telephone and in-office appointments are available to discuss your particular circumstances.


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Taxation Law

  • Are you paying more taxes than legally required?

  • Are your assets positioned to minimize your taxes in the future?


Estate Planning/ Trusts/ Probates/ Conservatorships

  • Will your intended heirs receive your assets as you have planned?

  • If you become incapacitated, will your assets be managed for you and will someone be there to make crucial decisions for you?

  • Will your assets provide for you during retirement?

  • Will your assets provide for you if you become incapacitated or need nursing home care?

  • Are there alternatives to meet health care costs and leave assets for your family?


Real Estate Law

  • Can you take advantage of a 1031 Exchange to defer taxes on the sale of your investment or business property?

  • Is there a way to co-own property with relatives or friends to achieve your mutual goals?

  • Who can provide legal representation for sophisticated institutional financing of your property?

  • Are the legal documents for your real estate transaction meeting your needs?


Business Strategies

  • Are you using the best form of business entity to conduct your business?

  • Will your business be transferred to the desired person under the most advantageous economic circumstances to benefit you and your family upon retirement or premature death?

  • Will your best interests be served by the legal documents you are being asked to sign?